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Case Study: Street Support Scheme

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


The Street Support Scheme is a program funded jointly by Loughborough University and Charnwood Borough Council. The scheme has been created in partnership with Leicestershire Police with the aim of minimising anti-social behaviour caused by students with focus on night times. We also look to ensure the welfare and safety of students moving around late at night.

Services Provided

  • Foot patrols within residential areas & crime hotspots.

  • Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) reduction.

  • Positive engagement.

  • Appropriately escalate student activity or safety concerns.

  • Ensuring the welfare and safety of the students & local community.

  • Data collection and shift reporting.

What we do

We operate during peak hours on selected ‘high traffic’ nights in teams situated around the main footfall areas between the town centre and campus. The teams act as eyes and ears for calling in situations of ASB, welfare issues and safety concerns. Throughout shifts, our teams make notes of certain data points as part of their reports. This information is used to gauge the impact of students and highlight hotspots to further minimise the impact students are having on the wider community. Our priority is ensuring the safety and well-being of both students and our community to ensure continued harmony.

Key Achievements

Crime Reduction:

Our dedicated patrol teams engage with the student population and local community to gain valuable insight into areas of concern & escalate any reported or witnessed incidents or safety concerns. Our teams provide reassurance for the local community, many of whom are elderly, living alone or have families with young children and may otherwise feel vulnerable at the prospect of large crowds moving around late at night.

Additionally, for the students themselves, the presence of our teams gives reassurance and peace of mind that there are people of like mind to look out for them and ensure their safety and well-being. Our teams are a friendly presence that contribute to being deterrents for any misbehaviour. Students feel able to approach them if they need assistance no matter how minor or major, welfare is at the forefront of our operation.

Positive Ambassadors:

Our team are made up almost exclusively of students who have a broad understanding of the characteristics of their peers and the implications of these behaviours. This enables them to communicate on a mutual level. Our team have become important ambassadors of the student community and set a fantastic example to those around them.

Data Collection:

With the collection of data, the scheme benefits in real time and contributes to future improvements. The staff complete reports at the end of each shift that record interactions and situations that occurred throughout. These can be as simple as noting large groups at certain times which helps to identify hotspots where potential ASB may occur in future. Other variables including sporting events, big calendar events, weather conditions and temperature are also recorded. Such extraneous data forms a holistic picture of events that can be used to predict future patterns of behaviour and put contingencies in place to mitigate negative impacts in future.

Student Employment:

We are proud to be a source of student employment that boosts prosperity amongst the student community whilst also providing important work experience and transferable skills for post-graduation. Using student staff means our target audience can relate and communicate more easily with the team.

We are now entering our third academic year of providing this service to Loughborough University. The Street Support Scheme is a very important initiative to us. Being able to provide a sense of security and peace of mind for the local community is paramount because their cooperation with campus activity is vital for its continuation. Ensuring that students feel safe to enjoy themselves and their time in the town is essential, as is preventing any negative impact this may have on their surroundings.

Since entering this collaboration, our team have had a hugely positive impact. They have actively engaged with students and have contributed to a positive shift in the footprint of students in the local community.


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