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Event Security

Join our event and festival security this summer to experience some of the UK's more exciting and vibrant event that the country has to offer. 


Variety of Roles

At Alliance Events, our security teams carry out a range of vital roles including asset protection, access control, response, evictions, crowd management, searches to name a few.


Range of Events

Our summer festival season has a huge range of events from music festivals including Secret Garden Party & El Dorado to sporting events including School Games and Summer Social. 



Our team undergo development on site with supervisors and managers ensuring you are trained and briefed on your role. Throughout the season we will trial staff in various roles to add to their development.

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Event Security – Job Description

Your role In your role as a security team members you will be expected to;


  • Provide and promote the highest level of customer care at all times

  • Familiarise themselves with the layout of a site/venue and the available facilities including first aid, welfare facilities in order to deliver and assist the public with relevant information.

  • Understand their role and duties including Health and Safety responsibilities in particular to those with special needs and children

  • Attend pre-event briefings

  • Carry out pre-event checks

  • Monitor signs for overcrowding

  • Report any disturbances or incidents 

  • Report any medical incident by raising the alarm and providing the necessary and appropriate help as required

  • To respond to emergencies by raising the alarm and providing necessary and appropriate immediate help where required.

  • To support the Stewards and Supervisors during the event

  • Adhere to radio protocol

  • Liaise with Supervisors, Managers or Event control throughout the event updating them on any security related issues

  • To comply with the venues rules of management regarding the removal of disruptive patrons and reporting the same.

  • Ensure all search protocols are adhered to, assist with defusing conflict situations when required and reporting them to Supervisor/Manager

  • Provide verbal and written reports if required on event related issues

  • Prevent illicit entry into restricted areas; such a back of house, VIP areas and backstage

  • To comply with all Health and Safety Regulations and Safe Working Practice as required by current legislation and the Company’s Health and Safety Police’s and practices.

  • Ensure all relevant information is communicated speedily and accurately in a way that ensures the information is received and understood



  • All security applicants must have or be willing obtain an SIA licence.

  • Experience in a challenging, customer focused environment.

  • Display initiative and remain calm under pressure.

  • Be willing to work long shifts, sometimes 12 hour days whilst remaining professional.

  • Display our values - Reliability & Trust, Leadership & Communication, Competence & Training


What we can offer you

  • Competitive rates of Pay

  • 24/7 support from supervisory team during events

  • A friendly, diverse and inclusive working environment

  • Free Tea, Coffee and Snack Facilities

  • Travel arrangements assistance

  • Campsite or other accommodation provisions with facilities including dedicated shower and toilets facilities (Summer festival & event sites)

  • Flexible work is available throughout the year

  • Real progression opportunities, mentoring and ability to gain supervisor and management experience

  • Loyalty perks, including access to additional qualifications and hourly rate increases

Step 1


To join our team, you must first complete our application form which you can begin below. Be sure to complete the form as in depth as possible.

Step 2


If your application has been accepted, you will be asked to complete a number of employment forms that include references, right to work checks and other common employment checks.

Step 3


Once these checks have been approved by our team, you will be asked to complete our internal online training modules to ensure you understand events, your role and our expectations.

Step 4


Whilst you complete your training, you will be give the oppertunity to apply for events that you would like to work at in the 2024 festival season. For more information on these events please follow the link below. 

The Process


Apply Here

If you're interesting in joining our festival and events team, take a look at our festivals and then apply to the role position.

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