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Four Years of Partnership With Loughborough University

Updated: Feb 26

Alliance is celebrating its fourth successful year being appointed as a security & stewarding provider to Loughborough University supporting a number of departments. The University has remained a valued client and partner since 2020 and in honour of this, we are looking back at the services we've provided over the years.

Since 2020 we have been an ad hoc security and stewarding provider on campus, working with departments such as Loughborough Sport, University events, Campus security support and as a training provider with our very own Alliance Training Academy based on campus.

Our Support

Loughborough Sport:

Loughborough Sport host hundreds of sporting matches each year, we provide support for Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball events, assisting with entry searches, ticket checks, and crowd management. Our dedicated management teams work with event management to ensure complete coverage and safe event delivery. During 2021 we provided 24/7 security cover for the Commonwealth Games Team England Immersion Camp on campus ensuring access control at each entrance and a safe COVID-free bubble for participating athletes during the course of the games period. We have had the opportunity to work with the likes of the School Games, National Fitness Games, NFL, Premier League, the Commonwealth Games and many other top names in international sports with so many exciting opportunities for our team.

Campus Security:

Over the past 4 years, Alliance has provided ad-hoc support during busy periods on campus such as Freshers/ Welcome Week, Graduations and Open Days. We also collaborate with the Street Support Scheme in conjunction with Leicestershire Police and Charnwood Borough Council. Our work with campus security during the COVID-19 Lockdown period contributed to a pandemic strategy formed by the University that was commended by the British government and used as a blueprint for other campuses across the UK. Our 20+ security team carried out nightly patrols of the student village on campus to ensure that COVID safety guidelines were being adhered to and students remained safe and well during this challenging period.

In addition, the Alliance Training Academy has provided training and top up courses to the existing Campus Security team with our Highfield approved centre that is based on campus.

Campus Events:

We have also work with the University events team to provide support for various campus events such as Dance competitions, Winter and Summer balls, and Freshers/ Welcome Week. During Welcome Week, we assist with bus transportation to various student events taking place off campus as well as working with the committees of halls of residence to provide support for their events.

A number of our Loughborough staff are made up of students from the University who have been developed and trained through our Training Academy to ensure they're competent and understand the importance of their roles, duties the communications necessary to collaborate safely with the student population.

We are proud to be able to offer such varied and exciting work experience for students at the university alongside their studies and contribute to their experience outside of academia while completing their degrees.

Our work across the Loughborough University campus is hugely significant in our portfolio and means a great deal to us having been the foundation for our business from the start. We are honoured to work with this fantastic institution and look forward to many years of partnership ahead.

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