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Case Study: El Dorado Festival 2023

In 2023, Alliance worked in partnership with the producers of El Dorado festival (We AreThe Fair) to delivery site wide security & stewarding services. The scope of this deployment encompassed the full site including the festival's arena, stages, campsites, external positions, response teams, evictions and main gates, with a deployment of 120 personnel. This case study focuses on the successes and challenges experienced by Alliance during the event, characterised by adverse weather conditions, staff welfare & operational innovation.


El Dorado Festival, is an annual music festival held at Herefordshires beautiful Eastnor Castle, Ledbury. The festival is known to be the ultimate expression of togetherness and beauty with constant energy and vibrant stages and acts. The following case study will explore our services, challenges, outcomes and key achievements of our deployment.

Services Provided

  • Primary Security Contractor

  • Security management including Head of Security & Zone Security Managers

  • Both stewarding & security teams.

  • Main gate searches

  • Stages & back of house security

  • Internal & external permitter gates

  • Camp site management & patrol teams

  • Egress Crowd Management

  • Response and evictions team.

Challenges & Key Achievements

Adverse Weather Conditions:

One of the standout accomplishments at El Dorado was the significant planning and execution of several show stops and arena evacuations that we had to implement as a result of Conditional Amber (Weather). After close monitoring of lightning strikes that were lingering around the event and liaising with the Safety Officer (We Are The Fair), Alliance coordinated and managed its 100+ security team to assist the closure of stages, as well as communicate the evacuation and muster points to customers to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Over the four day festival we successfully managed four vital show stops, two with evacuation. Our teams successfully coordinated the reopening of areas, following approvals by the event Safety Officer.

Throughout these evacuations, all day ticket holders were directed to muster points which had been deemed safe whilst all weekend camping ticket holders were directed back to their campsites. To mitigate any tent thefts, our search teams checked the wristbands of all customers re-entering the campsites and the campsites received an increase in patrol teams. Campsite and arena patrol teams were given megaphones to keep customers updated with the stage and arena closures & re-opening.

Staff Welfare:

The welfare of our staff is paramount to providing a safe and secure service at our events and festivals. We take our team welfare extremely seriously, and deploy a dedicated welfare units to ensure the wellbeing of our staff. These teams are contactable directly at all times from any position.

Whilst our focus moved heavily onto customer evacuations, staff welfare remained a priority focus. Our dedicated welfare team communicated to staff about any specific position safety concerns, and ensuring they were were not stood on or around hazardous infrastructure such as metal trackway, trees, flag/ lighting poles/ scaffolding, away from all stages. These briefings were communicated down from the supervisors in person or on their area group communications as to not interfere on the radios.

Our dedicated welfare teams also carried out additional rounds to ensure all staff had waterproofs, spare layers and warm drinks during the lead up to and times of prolonged heavy rainfall. Our operational unit proved vital to the storage, sorting and distribution of additional kit required for the challenging conditions.

Deployment of the New Operations Unit:

El Dorado Festival 2023 served as a testing ground for Alliance's new operations unit, an innovative approach designed to streamline security operations and enhance the welfare of on-site teams. The trailer unit is 16ft operational base that has been custom designed to serve as a base for our Senior Management & Welfare Teams. The unit provided everything necessary for effective team management, including real-time communication, administration, incident support, welfare, and other essential services. This improved infrastructure allowed security personnel to respond rapidly to emerging situations, ultimately contributing to the event's overall success.

Safeguarding Customers with a Welfare-Driven Approach:

Another significant achievement at El Dorado 2023 was the unwavering commitment of Alliance to safeguarding the festival's attendees through a welfare-driven & harm reduction approach. This strategy prioritised not only physical security but also the overall well-being of customers. With a comprehensive security plan in place, attendees felt secure and cared for throughout the event. This dedication to the safety and well-being of customers enhanced their overall experience and contributed to the event's success. The welfare-driven approach ensured that attendees had access to support, information, and assistance when needed, creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for all.


Alliance's exceptional performance at El Dorado Festival 2023 helped achieve the events overall success, ensuring the safety of all customers and staff in extremely challenging conditions. With the help of our new Operational Unit and an experienced management team, we were able to effectively communicate emergency procedures and team members vital role in every evacuation.


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